ABOUT jutulskinn


In the mountain village, Vågå in Jotunheimen you can find Jutulskinn. Here we tan, sew, design and reconstruct clothes and items of daily use with natural ingredients and long traditions. 

All our products are 100% environmentally friendly and handmade, and are either unique or produced in small series.

Jutulskinn offers courses and handicrafts of top quality. We make traditional clothing, interior design accessories and equipment for modern people. Our skins come from Jotunheimen and are tanned with local raw materials, using traditional tanning techniques. We mostly use skins of the animals from wilderness surrounding us. Hunters from all over the country bring skins that they want to get tanned and to be made as personal products. Jutulskinn reconstructs clothes and items from archeological findings- which benefits museums, education institutes and movie productions.

Jutulskinn was started up by Sofie Kleppe in 2015, with the vision: ''to maintain, forward and develop traditional leather handicraft''. A work she continues together with her reliable partner Roni Öhman.


Sofie Kleppe

Sofie has master craftmans certificate on traditional skinhandcraft from Finland, and have more than 20 years of experience with traditional skin- and leather handicraft. In 2015 she moved to Vågå because she wanted to be close to mountains and wild nature. 

Although she has grown up in Oslo, she has always had an idea of living in close contact with nature. That has been a large source of inspiration for her. Sofie has lived altogether one and a half year outside, both in the cave and in the lavo. She has lived with what she has found from the nature, used canoe in means of transport and used hands as tools to make useful products in leather.

What Sofie loves about working with skin and leather is that each product has a long history because it is all comes from a animal.

Roni öhman

Roni is a nature and wilderness guide and has grown up surrounded by Finnish nature. His goal is to live of the nature in a sustainable way. Traditional skinhandcraft is a part of it and his passion. He believes that simple life could be an answer for many 21st century problems.

Roni is a skilled tanner and his accuracy in work increases the skin quality of Jutulskinn. He started as an apprentice in Jutulskinn in autumn 2017, and he will complete his education ''skin and fur duodji'' in the spring 2020.