In the mountain town Vågå in Jotunheimen you can find the traditional tannery Jutulskinn. This is where Leather master, craftsman Sofie Kleppe designs and creates her crafts, everything from ornamental garments to usable items recreations and sowing using natures own commodities continuing a thousand year old tradition.  



Clothing, Shoes, canteens, drums, hand bags and interior: Come with your own suggestion or design - feel free to bring your own leather - and Jutulskinn will construct your product.

Jutulskinn also reconstruct clothing and items in leather from archaeological findings - which benefits museums, educational institutions and movie productions who wish to recreate and bring to life a piece of the past. Jutulskinn also provide leather for bookbinders and crafts for use in traditional clothing.

All products from Jutulskinn are a 100% natural and made by hand, and are therefore very durable, as well as environmental friendly and uniquely beautiful.



All leather from Jutullskinn are fabricated by natures own premises - by hand and using only natural materials to help with the crafting and coloring of the leather. The natural manufacturing is environmental friendly and 100% ecological. It also causes the leather to be extremely durable.

It is important to leathermaster Sofie Kleppe that the leather work is done with respect for the animals. In her productions she uses leather provided by hunters in and around Jotunheimen, or leather that otherwise would have been discarded.



Art craftsman Sofie Kleppe has a Master's degree in traditional tanning from Finland. In 2015 she established Jutulskinn in the mountain town Vågå in Jotunheimen to be near the high mountain, merchandise, the living hand craftsmanship tradition, and breathtaking nature.

Sofie was raised in Oslo, and after community college the idea of living in close proximity to nature became a huge inspiration. After a year at Fosen, Sofie continued to use her hands as tools to create products made of leather - and has traveled the world to learn from the greatest masters of leather crafting, tanning and traditional design.

Sofie Kleppe earned her Master's degree in leather craftsmanship in Finland. The subject of her master thesis was to unveil the diversity in leather and techniques - a work that she today continues at Jutulskinn.

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