Natural tannery

We take all kinds of skins for tanning, and for our products, we use only skins that we have tanned ourselves. We make everything by hand, so every product is unique.

Naturally or vegetable tanned skin has totally natural content, as it is opposite to chrome tanned skin. Chrome tanned skin has a little to do with the original natural material. These skins filled with heavy metals are hazardous for the environment and cannot biodegradable. Both smell and colour are chemical.

For the tanning process, we don't use synthetic ingredients or chemicals, we use only natural ingredients as spruce and willow bark, smoke and fat. This natural tanning is sustainable and it makes our products durable, washable and beautiful. Jutulskinn mostly uses skins of local wild animals.

If you want to deliver the skin for tanning, you need to freeze or salt the skin straight after flaying.

Contact us if you want to deliver skins or bark.