visit the workshop

In the middle of the mountain village, Vågå in Jotunheimen, you find the workshop of Jutulskinn. Jutulskinn was established 2015.

With huge determination of Sofie Kleppe and sponsorship from Innovation Norway and Vågå's commune, was villages old bakery restored and made into a traditional tannery and sewing workshop. The workshop was ready in the sommer 2016.

In the tannery you can have a try and a look on the skins. You can see how we use traditional tools in work, and learn how skins get tanned with traditional techniques and natural materials. You can also try to soften skins.

In the second floor you will find sewing workshop, where all our products are made, either with machine or by hand.

We can offer short course in the workshop, there you and your group can make a small keepsake from leather.